Together we can make a difference.

Shared Sense of Purpose

We can do more good together as a community than we can do on our own. With Good
Cents you can make small monthly donations automatically without interrupting your
daily life.

Join the Good Cents community and make an impact.

Small donations, large impact.

You may think a $1 donation may not make a large difference to these charities. But since our inception we have raised thousands of dollars for countless charities through micro donations from the masses.

Put Your Smartphone Addiction To Good Use

The Good Cents App operates in the background of your iPhone and times your screen usage. Based on your preset rate it automatically charges your credit card at the end of each month to make a small donation to nonprofits of your choosing.

Fully Tax Deductible

Need another reason to donate? All donations done within Good Cents are fully tax deductible! Enjoy the benefits of tax deductions while making a difference in the world.

Parents’ Corner – Why Good Cents is a great tool for parenting

Inspire and teach your children

We understand that, as parents, we don’t want our kids to have their eyes glued on the screen. Good Cents provides parents with the power to monitor their child’s usage time, and kids with an incentive to reduce time spent on their phone. The more you use, the more you lose.

Show them the importance of values

Teach your kids two valuable skills at once – doing good and time management. Good Cents will raise awareness of screen time use AND help inspire a charitable mindset.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Download Good Cents from the app store


Enter the amount of money you would like to donate for each hour spent talking on your phone and enter your credit card information.

It can be as low as $0.05! You also set a max amount of money you want to donate each month


Start Donating!

Choose your nonprofits, and watch your screen time turn into donations. Now, when you use your smartphone, your screentime will go to a good cause.

Want your charity to be part
of Good Cents?

With Good Cents you can get recurring donations all year round! There is no out of pocket cost to register your charity to our platform. Visit our Charities Partner Page to register your charity and watch the donations grow.

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Get involved &
get giving!

join the movement and make an impact with the Good Cents app. Together we can create positive change visit our Why Donation page to see how you can get involved

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  • Good Cents is great because it lets my supporters make donations simply by using their cell phones.

    Cindy Mobus


  • Good Cents gives me a great way to target millenials for donations.

    Joe Morrison


  • Good Cents has helped my organization raise $1000s of dollars with no out of pocket costs.

    Lonnie Allgood